Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Capital Pride

Last Saturday I went to the Pride Parade in DC with one of my favorite people in the whole wide world: Megan Schumm (who is quite proud, even if Gigi doesn't think she's a "real" lesbian.) We met up with Torres, and Randall was in the parade on the SMYLE float. Or behind it, rather. We don't think SMYLE stands for anything, just that it's a cool way to spell smile. We ran into Brittany from PHS, which was awesome. The weather was quite narsty. Sweaty and gross-like, even when it was getting dark out. One of my favorite floats was the DC Cowboys. They wore cowboy hats and cut-offs and not much else. And were doing a choreographed dance to Mamma Mia. It was the greatest. There were also the Latina Lesbians, gays with squirt guns, and sooo many drag queens. The night turned into a quest for beads. We got the white and silver ones I wanted. And didn't even hafta "earn" them. I got a Very Berry slushee at Krispy Kreme, which had a weird aftertaste. I do not recommend it. Also, coming out of CVS I talked to this homeless guy who was distributing newspapers written entirely by homeless people. Which is a pretty crazy interesting idea. On the metro this guy started talking to us from across the aisle. He was probably in his thirties and had a twitch where he blinked his eyes a lot and a stutter. He asked to borrow paper, so I gave him my Krispy Kreme receipt . He then asked what our names were, so we told him, and he said we both had beautiful eyes. Then he was quiet for a bit and asked if he could borrow a phone. Meg gave him hers, he tried to call his phone or something, and then he gave it back. He had been writing a song about us on my receipt. He sang it awkwardly. We awkwardly said "that's cool" and he went on about how he's in a band and sings at some open-mic place in Rockville. He recited a poem he wrote, or one he had read and memorized. We were thoroughly sketched out. He insisted on getting Meg's number, and drew her a picture. IT WAS SO CREEPY.

Back at Meg's we planned for the Tony Awards, found out what tonic water tastes like, and went hot tub-ing. It was a pretty fantastic night overall.

Fun Fact: Tonic water glows under blacklight.

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